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Eclectic Imaging

Stephanie J. May

Stephanie J. May is a passionate artist who loves to draw at any given moment when her creative juices are flowing. She obtains her sudden bursts of inspirational art when she sees things in the cosmic energy of an object that attract her that no one else sees but herself. For instance, she adores sunrises and sunsets because of the beauty that they exume that is only available to a true artistic afficionado's eye.

Ms. May is a true perfectionist always living for that next moment in time that she can capture the beauty within the microsmic eye of a camera. She is a talented well balanced artist who specializes in drawing and photography. Ms. May is the next artist to look out for and to stock up on her work early. She is the industry's best kept secret, but won't be for long.

As you look at her selective works please feel free to allow your imagination to run freely through the pencil strokes and photographic glimpses into the life of the next predominant sketch and photographic legend of our times.

Please Give the Photos Time to Load as there are quite a few of them.

Human Models Other Photographs

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Sky Lights

Mt. Sunset

Desert Sky


Desert Sunset Cactas Flower in the Sun Arizona in the Sun


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