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Also not able to Scan but I have Every Episode of Smallville to date.  Below is what I think of each Episode so far.  If any of you think differently email me a response.



The story of superman's arrival to this world is told in a little different format than previous stories. Instead of one lone ship crashing to earth, several meteorites bombard the tiny town of Smallville. This incident quickly labels Smallville the Meteorite capital of the world. In amongst all the action, a tiny space ship crashes to Earth bringing with it an orphan from the planet Krypton.

It just so happens that the Kent's found the small boy and immediately took him in. They named him Clark and raised him as their own son. Years later, Clark, now a 15 year old freshman in high school, is dealing with all the pressures that being teen can bring. He is also very aware of the strange powers and abilities that he is developing.

Clark is not a geek with glasses, he is more like the boy of steel in the 1983 film "Superman: The Movie." The one that wanted to play football and worshiped Lana Lang from affair. Which is evident by the amount of time Clark spends day dreaming about Lana.

The friendship that develops between Lex and Clark leaves you wondering what happened to end such a relationship. The Lex in this Pilot, does not appear to be evil in any respect. He just does not relate well to his father. So the question is? Why does Lex become in Clark's enemy, and does this have anything to do with Clark discussion to become Superman? Well, we will just have to watch, wait, and see.

Written by: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar

Directed by: David Nutter

Guest Stars: Adrian McMorran (Jeremy Creek)



Image from supermanhomepage What's it about? A story about a nerdish bug collector named Greg Arkin (Chad E. Donella ) who finds himself is involved in a accident which leaves him with strange spider like powers. First he will eat (his mother of course), then he will molt, and then he will mate and Lana is the girl he desires. This motivates him to attempt to destroy Whitney (Lana’s boyfriend) by jumping on the hood of his car causing an accident. Fortunately for Whitney Clark arrives in time to save his life.

Later, Lex and Clark discuss Lana and Lex gives Lana’s necklace to Clark in a lead box. In doing so Clark has made one of his many discoveries that lead shields him from the effects of Kryptonite. Lex advises Clark to continue to pursue Lana and give her back her necklace to win her heart.

Lex then goes to visit Lana and hints to her that Whitney might be the one who hung Clark in the field. He also compares Whitney the football star and Clark the hero.

After learning that Lana would like to spend time with Clark, Clark becomes a target for Greg. The next scene Clark and Jonathan are in the barn, Clark hears a rattling sound and he is attacked by Greg. Clark throws Greg into the rafters and then Greg throws Jonathan over the railing. Clark uses super speed to run to the spot where his father is about to land and shield Jonathan from the Fall. Clark is shocked that an old friend of his would turn against him.

Clark, Chloe, and Pete go to Greg’s place, while walking up the steps to the house they discuss Greg’s tree-house and the fun they use to have playing in it. Pete jokes with Clark about his fear of heights. Because Clark always refused to go up the ladder to tree-house. Clark denies having a fear of heights and replies that the building was structurally unsound", and therefore not safe to be in. Which was a miserable attempt by Clark to try and save face. When they get to the house, they peeked in the window, immediately they know something was up. Inside they discovered spider webs, skin in the tub, and the dehydrated body of Greg’s mother wrapped in a webs. What is more disturbing, however, is the video of Lana playing on the television. Chloe states "Looks like Greg has found his mate!".

The scene changes and Lana and Whitney are discussing the incident about Clark being hung in the cornfield. Lana is upset by Whitney’s actions. In enters Greg, he hits Whitney. Knocking him out, and takes Lana away.

Clark arrives and talks to a Whitney. He tells Whitney to meet him at the old tree-house. Clark is gone in a flash as Whitney attempts to make an apology. Clark finds Lana in the tree-house wrapped in a web. Then the battle begins. Greg leads Clark to an old industrial building that has been abandoned since the meteorite shower. The building is full of kryptonite. Clark is weak and unable to fight Greg. However, he soon finds himself inside a lead container which shields him for the affects of Kryptonite and gathers his strength to defeat Greg. When Clark arrived back the tree-house Whiteney and Lana are walking arm and arm away. Later that night Clarks giving Lana back her necklace. Again, another selfless act by Clark proving that he cares more for others than he does himself.

Written by: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar

Directed by: David Nutter

Guest Stars: Chad E. Donella


Coach Walt, of the Smallville High football team,develops the power to control fire. It's the "special green rocks" that he uses in his private sauna.  The coach, who is absessed with winning his last game, helps the students on his team to cheat on a test, one gets caught, making the him "red with anger".

Chloe witnesses the coaches tantrum which cause fire to shoot out from water sprinklers, and because of this she becomes a target. The coach attacks Chloe with fire but she is saved by guess who.

Lana quits cheerleading to become a waitress -- but she finds the job difficult and eventually gets fired because she drops too many dishes and is too slow. Meanwhile, Clark is asked to join the football team and for a short time he does and becomes somewhat of a star, but Lana is not there to admire his abilities. Jonathan disagrees with Clark's decision and is disappointed at his son's definance.

Lex defies his father by hiring more people instead of down sizing. This demonstrates a kindness in Lex that has never been portrayed before.

Written by: Greg Walker

Directed by: Greg Beeman

Guest Stars: John Glover (Lionel Luthor), Sarah-Jane Redmond (Nell Lang), Dan Lauria (Coach Walt)


Lex Luthor robs a bank. Soon after, a reporter from the Daily Metropolian Newspaper shows up in Smallville threatening to expose Luthor. No, the reporter is not Lois Lane. Lex Luthor demonstrates his incredible manipulative powers as he convinces the reporter likewise.

A young girl named Tina Greer worships Lana, and dresses just like her down to the green necklace that Lana wears around her neck. What this necklace does to Tina remands a mystery until the show Aires.

Written by: Mark Verheiden

Directed by: James Frawley

Guest Stars: Sarah-Jane Redmond (Nell Lang)


It's the of opposite of episode #4 "Hothead", this time, however, a 17-year-old named Todd Kelvin, a Smallville High student, needs to absorb heat to keep himself from freezing. Todd uses Clark's best friend Chloe to get his "Fix".

Clark and Lana spend more time together as "friends??"

Written by: Michael Green

Directed by: Jim Contner

Guest Stars: Michael Coristine as Sean Kelvin


What's it About? A woman named Cassandra, who lost her sight during the meteor shower can now see flashes of the future. She can also show these future events to people who desire to see them. She shows Clark gravestones of his family and friends. He becomes afraid that he'll outlive everyone he knows and cares for.

An old man named Harry is made young. He enacts revenage upon the grandchildren of people who did him wrong in the past.

Lana sees the Chloe's "Wall of Weird" for the first time.

Written by: Doris Egan

Directed by: Chris Long

Guest Stars: George Murdock, Eric Christian Olsen, and Jackie Burroughs.


What's it about? The story involves an over weight girl named Jodi who must satisfy her Cravings in an unconventional manner.

Lex Luther plays a major role in this story. In fact, Lex meets Chloe Sullivan for the first time , and they discuss her theories on the weird happening that have been part of Smallville since the meteorite shower. Lex is so impressed with Chloe's deductive reasoning that he helps her get a summer job at the Daily Planet. It always helps to have friends in high places!

Written by: Michael Green

Directed by: Philip Sgriccia

Guest Stars: Amy Adams as Jodi


FINALLY the BEST episode that was very much Smallville. And we all got a chance to see what this show could be at it's very best.  I loved that we never saw Earl connect with Kryptonite, yet knew he had. That he was human and real, with a history, a story, a personality. Not a bad guy, nor did he have "super powers" that reflected his wishes and desires--he just had a very bad problem.  I loved that this was not a problem easily solved. It wasn't a "monster created, Lana in danger, Clark figures it out and, at the end, saves the day," story, as so many have been. It was not formula. It was, instead, natural and it had heart.  I loved that both Lex and Clark got to be true heroes, doing something truely courageous and dangerous and selfless.  I loved that the family dynamics and friendships were illuminated, without hitting me over the head with them. From the parents anniversary, to Earl's friendship with the Kents, to Pete getting a hug from Martha (a VERY nice touch which emphasized that he *is* Clark's long-time friend, and that this *is* a small town, where moms care about all the kids almost as much as their own). And, of course, the dicotomy between Lex's relationship with his dad and Clark's with his.  This episode worked from beginning to end, and the marvelous party scene where Clark rights a falling object while nabbing a bowl for a sick guest was funny and brilliant and *EXACTLY* the little extras needed to make any Superman show charming--and to give the show it's own special flavor. Not a stolen flavor from another show, but *very much* it's own.  WRITEN BY: MOON

ROGUE: Unshown

What's it about? While visiting Metroplosis Clark uses his "super" powers to save someone. Clark, however, is unaware that a police investigator from Metropolis witnesses this, and decides to look into it. The officer investigates Clark's past finding out the he has been at the scene of many accidents lately. This makes the cop investage even further, by attempting to blackmail Lex into talking about Clark. Will Lex talk about Clark and will the secret be revealed? Tune in in December to find out.

This episode will be the first of several episodes featuring Kelly Brook as Lex Luthor's girlfriend, Victoria Emerson

Written by: Mark Verheiden

Directed by: David Carson.

Guest Stars: Kelly Brook (as Victoria Emerson)


What's it About? Lex and Victoria start working together to crumble their father's empires. Victoria is also from a similar background with a very wealthy and creul father. But Victoria soon finds out that Lex has other plans that do not include her. (Lex is investing in STA R-labs a shaddy bio-tech company). This affects their alliance, because Victoria does not like the fact that Lex is up to something behind her back.

A girl named Amy, who works for Lex, has a crush on him and is extremely jealous of Victoria's relationship with Lex. Zack, Amy's boyfriend. finds out about her intrest in Lex. What this has to do with the villian "a shimmering ghost" remains to be seen. But our guess at is that the ghost is Zack?

Also, the health of Whithey or his father could be in jepordy.

Guest Stars: Kelly Brook as Victoria Emerson.

HUG: Unshown 

What's it about? Hug begins in Smallville at the time of the meteor shower. Two travelling farm equipment salesman were in Smallville for the event and now years later the two salesman have changed. One is wealthy and successful while the other hides away shunning all contact from the outside world.

Victoria states her mind to a friend questioning Lex's desire to remain in the sleepy little hamlet known as Smallville.

Guest Stars: Kelly Brook (Victoria), Sarah-Jane Redmond (Aunt Nell)

LEECH: Unshown

What's it about? Clark and a classmate Eric are struck by lightening while they standing beside one another. Right after that Clark notices his abilities are weaknessing and Eric begins to develop strange new Superman like abilities. As Eric gets stronger Clark powers are leeched away, hence the title "Leech". As a result Clark gets injured and ends up in the hospital. When the doctors state the Clark 's condition is "nothing out of the ordinary" Lex , who believes in is his heart and sole that there is something very unusual about Clark, is surprised by this.

It does not take long and Eric's parents discover their sons powers. They immediately send him to Metropolis examination.

Victoria and her father Sir Harry Hardwick attempt to recruit Lex for their business in Metropolis.

Lana is begins to wear her necklace again.

The spaceship in storm cellar is also reintroduced.

Guest Stars: Kelly Brook (Victoria), (Sir Harry Hardwick) Shawn Ashmore